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Like many of you, I have a life made of dreams and passions, routines and unexpected events, sunny days as well as rainy days. 

Health, fitness and wellbeing have always played an important role in my life. I learnt Argentinian tango when I was in my prime. It is thanks to dancing that I became aware of my body and, in time, I started exploring yoga so that I could become aware of my emotions, too. 

Years later, I met my husband and I am now an incredibly proud mother of a daugther. 


As you might expect, the food eaten along the way has played a crucial role in my quest for inner balance, strength and happiness. 

Let me be clear: I work, I am a Mum and I have little time to faff. Yet still, there are reasons why I very much dedicate my weekends to culinary experiments.

Looking back, I could say that, once upon a time, I just used to put food on a plate for my family. Now, I try new scrumptious recipes but I also observe how fresh, healthy food prepared in different ways, impact our physical and emotional wellbeing.

In a nutshell: there are foods for energy, for relaxation, for happiness, etc. 

My purpose is to raise awareness of how different combinations of ingredients along with one’s unique personal touch may make a difference in one’s health and happiness. 

Gaining knowledge of what makes cooking and preparing food therapeutic has made such a difference in my life and I hope it will also make it in yours!

They are small secrets that sometimes make a huge difference. 


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