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Bundles with Spinach and Cheeses

I must admit this is not a quick recipe.... apologies!

If you have a bit of time in your hands and enjoy spending it .... you can always try.

Prepare the dough in advance.

The level of difficulty is medium.

You can serve these as a meal or as a starter.


Servings: 4

Preparation time: 1 hour!!!

Cooking time: 40/50 minutes.


  • 250gr of plain flour (I used half white and half brown flour)

  • 100gr butter (room temperature)

  • 500gr spinach

  • 100gr feta cheese

  • 100gr goat cheese (or a soft one)

  • 1 egg

  • 1 egg yolk

  • 1tsp milk

  • Sesame and poppy seeds to sprinkle on the top

  • Salt and black pepper

  • Nutmeg (grated).


Mix the flour (with your hands) with the butter cut into little cubes and a pinch a salt until you get a crumbled dough; add 1dl cold water and knead until you get a smooth dough.

Wrap it in some cling film and let it rest in the fridge for 3 hours.

Wash and clean the spinach and cook them in water and a pinch of salt till they wilt (you can use cooked frozen spinach, let them defrost, squeeze the water out and cut them into small pieces). Drain the spinach, cut them and add them to the feta cheese (crumbled), the goat cheese (cut into small bits), the beaten egg another pinch of salt and pepper and some grated nutmeg.

Roll the dough, make 4 circles each with a 15 cm diameter or 8 smaller ones.

Add the spinach mixture at the centre and close the dough up on the stuffing to create a bundle.

Mix the egg yolk with the milk and brush it on top of each bundle. Sprinkle with sesame and poppy seeds on top and bake (in a hot oven 180 degrees C) for 50 minutes or 40 if they are smaller.


I prefer them warm (soon after they come out of the oven) but you can enjoy them also cold.

You can keep in the fridge in a container with a lid for a few days and then re-heat before eating.


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