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Biscuits jar

Located on the river Arno a few kilometres from Florence itself, in Tuscany, Italy - Montelupo Fiorentino - is a lovely little village well known in Italy for its pottery.

The clay deposits of the area are used to make beautiful handmade pottery.

The ceramics production dates to the Middle Ages and continues today.

There are still many artisan workshops and the Museum of Ceramics dedicated to the craftmanship in Italy.

I visit the place, especially the various factories where ceramics are made and sold, whenever I have a chance and I have bought some pieces I can show and enjoy in my house.

Pieces produced are various and range from flower pots to lamps, tray, plates, pitchers and mugs to name some.

Here you can see a sample of some products.

Pitcher with lemons

Tray with marine drawings

Bowl, plant holder

Although Tuscany is the place where I come from there are other pottery places rather than Florence and Siena, in different areas of Italy such as Deruta (Umbria region) and in Sicily, producing the finest hand painted ceramics.

Sicily has some hot spots named Caltagirone, Erice, Ragusa, Cefalu`.

Tray with lemons - Caltagirone ceramics

The art of ceramics in Italy goes back centuries and you can find pieces such as decorative plates, jugs and bowls full of colours inside the houses of lots of Italians. They are kept either on display or are being used as actual dinner plates, coffee mugs salt and pepper sets, oil or vinegar bottles and plant vases for example. The pieces are definitely beautiful to look at and the colours will bring out out your warm side.


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