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Tuna, Tomatoes and Chilli Pasta

Spaghetti pasta are great for this dish. I would say that this is a very easy preparation as well as a short cooking time.

It is a delicious and appetizing pasta dish......


Serves: 2 - Prepare: 15 minutes - Cook: 15 minutes.


  • 80/100gr each of Spaghetti (you can also use whole wheat or gluten free pasta

  • 2 cloves garlic - crushed

  • 3 spring onions finely chopped

  • 1/4 tsp chilli flakes (can also use paprika)

  • 1 tin of tuna steak in sunflower oil

  • 150gr cherry tomatoes and/or sun dried tomatoes (I used both of them) - finely chopped

  • 1 organic unwaxed lemon - zest and juice

  • 1 handful pitted black olives

  • Parsley finely chopped

  • Parmesan cheese - optional

  • Olive oil

  • Salt


Bring a large pan of salted water to boil and cook the spaghetti according to pack instructions.

Meanwhile, heat 1-2 tbsp on oil in a large frying pan over medium heat. Fry the garlic, the onions for a few minutes then add the chilli and the tuna (breaking it up into small chunks) and cook for 4/5 minutes more.

Take off the heat add a bit more oil, the lemon juice, the diced tomatoes and the olives. Season, add some of the parsley and set aside.

When the pasta is ready, scoop out 4-5 tbsp of cooking water then drain it.

Tip the pasta into the pan with the cooking water and the tuna and tomatoes and toss together for a few minutes. Stir in the rest of the parsley the lemon zest and, if you like, some parmesan cheese.

Serve immediately.


Zest the lemon first and keep the zest aside and then juice it.


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