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     Here is a page with some videos and info which I would like to share with you.

I came across some of those doing some research, listening to some webinars or simply by chance.

You can find information about food, health, nutrition and 'food for good mood' as we all want to feel  and stay good and happy! 😍 🥳

 1 - How to manage your mood with food - 8 tips

Video from Mind, the mental health charity which is a charity in England and Wales

founded in 1946 as National Association for mental Health.

 2 - Otto cibi della felicita'

Video di Simona Vignali - naturopata.

Simona e' un'esperta di naturopatia e nutrizione da 25 anni.

3 - How food you eat affect your gut

Dr. Shilpa Ravella is a gastroenterologist with expertise in nutrition

and an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Columbia University Medical Center.

4 - I 7 migliori alimenti per la salute dell'intestino

Dottoressa Milena - Farmacista

chiede il parere di una professionista della salute,

Deborah Pavanello, Naturopata, esperta in alimentazione naturale

che ci consiglia 7 alimenti utili per il benessere intestinale.

5 - 5 Healthy seeds that you should include in your diet

Video from The Foodie. The Foodie is the perfect destination for

all the food lovers.

One place for all the Indian food recipes, Fusion food recipes,

food hacks, challenges & more.

6 - Alimentazione: 6 semi da mangiare che....

Video della Farmacia Di Nardo Labrozzi

Video per gli appasionati di salute.

7 - Why you should eat nuts everyday

Video from Dr. Paul.

Dr Paul Thomas is of the American Academy of Pediatrics. He is also in Integrative and Holistic Medicine. He is also a diplomate of the American Board of Addiction Medicine.

8 - Frutta secca: benefici e qunatita' giornaliera

Video di Loreto Nemi da GreenMe.

Loreto Nemi è un Dietista specializzato In Scienze della Nutrizione. Lavora come libero professionista a Roma e Frosinone.

9 - How to eat seasonally and know what is in season

some easy strategies to identify what is in season, why eating seasonally can help your budget, and even a few Fall recipe ideas!

10 - Frutta e verdura di Stagione


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